What does the service provide?
The service allows you to sign up entering your name, surname, e-mail address, mobile number and the necessary data to pay. When you choose the bikes, scan their QR codes with your camera or write their alphanumeric codes and add them to the cart, which can hold up to two. At this point you can proceed to automatically unlock the smart locks to use the bikes reaching another station or returning to the original one.

Take advantage of the guided tour service offered, by keeping the app active during your journey. The audio guide will tell you about history, traditions and the nature that surrounds you.

You can end the rental period, that has a maximum duration of 15 days, by clicking on the “end the rental” icon, only if you are in one of the defined parking stations and only after you closed manually the lock.

During your journey, you can also block your bike for a break by manually locking the smart lock in any place but be careful that closing the lock outside the indicated stations will not consent you to end the rental service.

How long can I use my bike?
The rental period starts when you unlock the bike . The agreement provides that the maximum rental period for the same bicycle is of 15 days, after which you will be required to return the bicycle to one of the stations designated within the app or to pay penalties for failure to return the vehicle.


What is the maximum number of bicycles I can place in my cart?
You can place up to two bicycles in your cart, and this is due to the fact that connecting a larger number of bicycles could create problems with the bluetooth function of your phone or tablet which would preclude the use of the system.

How much does it cost to use the Ride Me service?
The final cost of the service depends on the duration of the rental and the number of bicycles rented. The rate is daily only and the calculation of the amount due starts when you unlock the bike and ends at 12:00 p.m. of each day of use.

How do I unlock the bike?
To unlock the bike, you must put it in the cart and proceed with the rental.
If the smart lock does not unlock, please restart the app. If the problem does not resolve, send us a report using the appropriate section of the APP.

Can I lock the padlock to take a break without ending the rental?
Of course, you can stop wherever you want and lock your bike for a break by manually closing the lock but be careful, if you are outside one of the indicated stations, this action will not let you end your rental period. Once your break is over, you can unlock your bike again to restart by clicking on its icon in the “manage” section of the app.


What can I do it if, despite having manually closed the lock in one of the stations indicated, I cannot end the rental?
If, once you have arrived in one of the station indicated in the app and by its promotional totem, despite having manually closed the lock, you cannot click on the icon to end the rental, it could be that the system has some difficulty in geolocating you. Check that the GPS function is active on your mobile phone and follow the specific instructions provided by the APP to confirm your position.

How do I report that a bicycle isn’t working properly?
If a bicycle is damaged , please use the special section in the specific app to report the damage and solve the problem. We will fix the bicycle to make it available as soon as possible.

We firmly believe in our product and support it 100%, but we are aware that it will not always work perfectly for everyone. We offer a refund if the following technical problems have occurred:

  • inability to use the service due to failure to unlock the bike lock
  • charge of an additional day of the service due to the impossibility of concluding the rental period despite having manually closed the bike locks and having followed the correct ending procedure, indicated in the app and in the reminder email at the beginning rental.

In the event that at least one of the aforementioned cases occurs, the costumer has to immediately explain the problem in a written way through the assistance service included in the app.
We will proceed with the refund as soon as possible and in any case within a maximum period of 48 hours. In some cases we may ask you to allow us to resolve your problem before proceeding with the refund.
All service transactions are processed through Paypal and Braintree payments, a secure online payment gateway that encrypts the card data in a secure host environment.
The method of processing the refund depends on the payment method originally used.
To find out when the amount will be credited to your account, contact your bank to issue your card.

The purchase price is 12 euro, is a fixed price considering the time interval from the time of pick-up to 24.00 (midnight) of the same day of pick-up. The Member who does not return the bicycle to one of the Stations as within 00.00 (midnight) of each day of use implicitly intends to extend the duration of the rental also for the entire following day.

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